Jackie Odette, Pilates Instructor, and Keri O’Meara, Pilates and Yoga Instructor, have 
created an exciting workshop series that will introduce yoga clients to the benefits of 
pilates for their asana practice.  

WHEN: November, 2, 14 at 1:30 at Moksha Yoga Uptown. Register HERE.  

PRICE: 60$, $45 for teachers. 

(If you are a Pilates or Yoga teacher Call MYU to pre reg and receive a discount when you pay the day of the workshop)

There is a reason Pilates has grown in popularity, with no sign of stopping, in 
the last ten years. Yoga studio’s across the country are starting to add pilates classes 
to their schedules because of demand. Yet these two practices still remain separate. 
The pilates system creates stable strong and happy bodies that are at less risk of 
injury. Pilates is also versatile and makes people feel good just like yoga. The marriage 
of these two practices is not only fresh and contemporary but super beneficial to the 
body. In fact, Joseph Pilates used yoga as part of the inspiration for his contrology 
system of exercise. Pilates exercises focus on smaller more local stabilizing muscles 
that can be overlooked in yoga practice with more of a focus on global stability, flow 
and flexibility. Pilates appeals to the mind body connection in a more cerebral way, 
while the asana practice of yoga tends to be more somatic and expressive. 

Jackie Odette and Keri O’Meara have created a workshop series that introduces pilates to yoga practitioners to get them to think and engage a little differently so that their yoga can have both beauty and brains. When you practice both you are working towards a 
well-rounded body in motion; balancing out the work in the body helping to prevent 
injuries as well as create a deeper expression in movement. It is no wonder clients who 
practice Pilates say how much it has improved their yoga practice! 

The Workshop
The first Pilates for Yoga workshop in this series will focus on the core. We will begin 
with a short yoga practice led by Keri. Following that we will break down the anatomy 
and biomechanics of the abdominal system. Jackie will then help participants apply this 
new knowledge in an abdominal centred pilates practice helping participants safely 
work, stabilize and deeply connect to their core. We will finish the workshop by 
revisiting the yoga practice to show how this deep connection to core can in fact 
change and strengthen a yoga practice, revealing by that engaging ones centre you can 
actually create more balance and strength and therefore a more dynamic yoga practice. The workshop will run for two and a half to three hours and will be very interactive, fun and hands on. Participants will leave feeling worked out, stronger, inspired and rejuvenated, and excited to apply this new kinship with core to their yoga routine. 

Who We Are
Keri O’Meara 
Keri’s passion’s are movement and teaching. Her motto: move your body move your 
mind move your heart. Seven years ago she started practicing pilates and yoga to help 
deal with joint pain that was a result of rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder 
that had restricted her movements since she was four. Keri discovered that by 
connecting to her body she felt strong healthy and pain free and this deeper 
connection allowed her to shift her way of thinking and being in the world as well. 
Trained in mat and reformer at Stott Pilates, Keri is also certified in Therapeutic Pilates from the Pilates Process. Her first 200 hour yoga training was completed at Vikasa 
yoga in Thailand. Her teaching style in both practices is dynamic, creative, fun, informed and compassionately challenging. Keri has led workshops, trained and mentored new pilates teachers and even written and taught a Fusion teacher training program. Her enthusiasm for anatomy and movement is present in all she does, whether its a group yoga or pilates class, a one on one session with a post -rehab client, or leading a workshop. Just as is it did for her, Keri hopes to enrich her clients lives with movement, body awareness and connection. 

Jackie Odette
Jackie O was born and raised in Toronto, ON. After practicing yoga for several years she found herself curious about other movement practices. This curiosity, love for movement and mindfulness brought her to Pilates and she has never looked back. Her classes are fuelled by creativity. They are energetic, challenging and fun! She can always find a little humour in a bit of hard work. Jackie O prides herself on creating safe, challenging and accessible sequencing. After taking her class you will be sure to feel stronger, leaner and more connected to the way your body moves. Jackie is certified in Mat Pilates from Body Harmonics and did her Reformer Pilates training at Misfitstudio. She is constantly learning, taking workshops and classes, to help educate herself and her clients through movement.

We look forward to teaching, learning and moving with you!