It’s early Friday afternoon on a sticky, summer, day. You’ve been working hard for your money all week and going out every night, taking advantage of all that summer has to offer. You want, need, to spend your weekend restoring, recharging and relaxing. Luckily you have signed up for a weekend long Yoga and Pilates retreat with Keri O’Meara aka Musemovement.

A quick hour and a half drive to Quarry Point Road, Ramara, brings you to the sprawling grounds of a beautiful 5 bedroom cottage on Lake Couchiching. You are feeling positive that you made the right decision in taking this weekend for yourself to come on this soulful summer retreat.

You are greeted by Keri with open arms and a freshly blended watermelon and ginger juice. You meet the other gals on the retreat and they are all lovely, dynamic and full of warmth and excitement.

Once settled into your room in the modern and charming cottage, with the perfect soup-con of rustic, you throw on your new bikini and stroll down to the dock. You dive into the clear, crisp lake and straight away the city, your week, and your worries, are cleansed away.

After a glorious swim, you join Keri and the others on the grass lawn in the back of the cottage. On your yoga matt, under a canopy of maple and cedar trees, you are sprinkled in sunlight which dances over you as you move through a fun and stretchy hour of pilates. 

Afterwards, you feel liquidy, open and ready for the joys of the weekend. You take a cold glass of supple, Niagara Chardonnay down to the dock and delve into a novel as the evening sun caresses your skin. You decide to stay on the dock and you have been joined by a couple of the other retreaters. The rest of them partake in a guided meditation on the west facing, lake front porch as the sun sets in brilliant reds and corals.

Following a long, warm shower and a change into comfortable clothes, you join your new friends on the porch. Together you delight in a colourful, healthy meal blessed with a cornucopia of flavours. The wine is plentiful and the conversation animated as you learn about each other share your intentions for the weekend. 

After dinner everyone gathers outside by a crackling and soothing fire at the lake side fire pit.  The sky is generously showered with stars, the lake is quiet and the night is clear and alive with the sounds of laughter and loons.

A moonlight hot tub is the conclusion to the night. Afterwards, you go to bed smiling and you fall into a deep and restful sleep knowing that you get to wake up tomorrow and follow this routine again. 

The next two days are heaven. You begin the days with yoga. You indulge in fresh healthy snacks all day. You sunbathe and swim, and read and journal,, and laugh and cry, and connect to your body and move and dance.  You make lifelong friends. 

On your drive home on Sunday night you are feeling refreshed, strong, grateful and alive.