This is a new series I am starting on the MuseMovement blog.  Send me your questions about Pilates and Yoga and I find the best teachers to answer them for you.

This week the beautiful, quirky and talented Roselby Rodriguez dishes the goods.

Roselby is a fun and innovative Pilates Instructor, who lives in Toronto and hails from Caracas, Venezuela.  Trained in classical ballet and traditional Venezuelan dances, Roselby’s dance background together with her studies of the Pilates method has allowed her to combine movement and fluidity within Pilates exercises and provide mind-body awareness to her clients. 

Roselby is trained in Mat Pilates, Reformer and Wunda Chair as well as rehabilitative Pilates and the Pink Ribbon Program for Breast Cancer Survivors. She also holds a Certification in Fascial Stretch Therapy, ™ which applies joint release and unlocking of the fascia that creates tensions around the muscles.

You can check out one of Roselby’s awesome classes at Body Harmonics , Core Studio, or Living Waters Therapies

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This weeks Question:

I Like how yoga seems to raise my heart rate. Are there any pilates exercises or sequences that I can do that will give me that same cardio feeling?


To increase your heart rate in your pilates practice the goal is to create a combination of movements and sometimes faster sequences. If the Jump Board on the Reformer Machine is not an option for you, standing pilates work on the mat is a great way to give your heart a boost.

Once you are warmed up, stand with your feet hip distance apart and do squat repetitions. Focus on sitting towards your heels and spreading your sits bones apart. Do bounces in your squat position 10-20 times and then pause and raise your heels so you are resting on the balls of your feet. Keeping your pelvis still tap and lift your heels really fast until you feel the quadriceps.  Add arm movements -lifting the arms over head or out to the side- to this series to really get the heart rate up.

Drop your heels and lengthen the legs to make your way to standing and then find your way to a plank position. In plank lift one leg at a time using your glutes. Keep your core engaged as you as you alternate legs. Do 4 lifts each side then add three push ups. Make you way back to standing. Pause there for a breath and then repeat plank sequence.

On the floor, lying on your back, activate your glutes to lift your hips into a bridge position. Lift one leg of the floor at a 45 degree angle and then lower and lift the pelvis try to keep it level)  8 times. Switch legs. Once you’ve done both sides, take your hands behind your head and flex your torso so the shoulder blades come off the mat. Bring your legs to table top and then lengthen them up to the ceiling. Start to scissor the legs. working on low belly ‘in,’ switching 8- 10 times. Repeat bridge sequence.

Either the standing series or the supine series will give you a heart booster, or even better, combine both and keep switching from standing to supine for 20 minutes.