"The MuseMovement Teacher Training has been an incredible experience. I knew that I'd be learning anatomy, movement and how to be a teacher but I had no idea that this journey would also give me the space to die deeper into my own self. I have become much more self aware and my relationship to my body has improved tremendously. Keri has taken such time and care to provide us with the tools, teachers and space to learn, move and grow. I highly recommend MuseMovement Teacher Training, its life changing!"

-Alicia W

INFORMATION NIGHTS: Come get to know your teachers; find out what a typical day in training will look like and what you will learn and ask all your questions! 
Thursday June 21st -8pm
Thursday July 12th- 8pm                                                                                                                                            
Thursday August 9th- 8pm                                                                                                                                  Thursday September 6th 8pm

Weekend 1:Friday September 28th: 4:30-7:30/Saturday September 29th: 2-7:30/Sunday September 30th: 12-6:30
Weekend 2: Saturday October 13th: 1-7:30/ Sunday October 14th: 12-6:30
Weekend 3: Friday October 19th: 4:30-7:30/ Saturday October 20th: 2-7:30/ Sunday October 21st: 12-6:30
Weekend 4:Saturday November 3rd: 1-7:30/ Sunday November 4th: 12-6:30
Weekend 5: Saturday November 10th: 2-7:30/ Sunday November 11th: 12-6:30
Weekend 6: Saturday November 24th: 2-7:30/ Sunday November 25th: 12-6:30

Weekend One:
October 27th: 1-7:30/ October 28th: 12-6:30
Weekend Two: November 17th: 2-7:30/November 18th: 12-6:30
Weekend Three: December 1st: 1-7:30/ December 2nd: 12-6:30
Weekend Four: December 7th: 4:30- 7:30/ December 8th: 2-7:30/ December 9th: 12-6:30
Weekend Five: January 12th: 1-7:30/ January 13th: 12-6:30
Weekend Six: January 18th: 4:30- 7:30/ January 19th: 2:00-:730/ January 20th: 12:00- 6:30

Therapeutic Pilates: Injuries and Special Populations
Fall Dates:
Winter Dates: TBA