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Your Teachers


Your Teachers

Keri O'Meara, Program Director

Keri is the creator of MuseMovement studio where her vision is to empower people through body awareness, movement and community.  She is known for being ‘a movement coach’ an ‘anatomy nerd’ and her ability to help her students understand their movements and deeply connect to their bodies.  

A Pilates and Yoga teacher for almost a decade Keri has developed her particular brand of Modern Pilates that combines her intuitive understanding of the body, functional movement, flow, anatomical education, and methodical sequencing to make a body feel and work its best.  She is very excited to share MuseMovement’s unique approach with her students and new teachers. 

Keri is on a lifelong journey of body education. Originally trained at Stott Pilates she has learnt from a vast variety of institutions,  teachers and mentors including: Vikasa Yoga, The Pilates Process, Monica Plewes of Core Studio, Leslie Parker of Mindful Movement Centre, Amber Joliat of Misfitstudio, Margot McKinnon of Body Harmonics, Leslie Kaminoff, Doug Kellar, Octopus Garden, Tom Meyers, Jill Miller and others.  Her method is a combination of all the beautiful and profound insights she has gathered over her years as a learner and teacher and through exploring what makes the most sense for the bodies and the people she works with.

Keri has mentored several new teachers and taught a variety of workshops, including the Harmony Series at MuseMovement.  In 2104 she co- wrote and co-taught Fusion Teacher Training at Misfitstudio. She is currently a Faculty Member at Mindful Movement Centre where she teaches The Art of Sequencing.

Keri is very proud of the team she has brought together for MuseMovements’ inaugural Pilates Teacher Training and cannot wait to learn with, and from, all the participants in this program.

Amanda Sheather

Movement practice has been Amanda’s passion from an early age when she started with Dance. She began practicing yoga and Pilates almost 20 years ago to help with injury,  maintain the health of her body and explore different movement modalities.  A graduate of the Simon Fraser University Dance program with a Minor in Kinesiology, Amanda received her Yoga Training Certificate from YYOGA in Vancouver and her Pilates Mat and Reformer training was completed at Body Harmonics in Toronto.  

Amanda’s classes are physically challenging but accessible to people with limited mobility or injury. She strives to teach in a way that educates the practitioner about their body so they can bring that information into their daily lives and other workouts. Her lifelong commitment to movement has helped her develop a keen eye and an intuitive understanding of the body.  Her particular interest is in helping clients recover from injury with yoga, Pilates and creative movement. Amanda’s ability to read the body as a whole and challenge them safely through progressions helps her clients feel empowered.

A member of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher training Faculty at Studio Blue Yoga and Fitness, Amanda encourages new teachers to find their own voices and remain curious about anatomy and bodies in motion. Teaching integrative anatomy and Asana she is able to help  students understand how to target particular muscles groups to create a safe and strong practice.  

Amanda has been teaching at MuseMovement since it opened and is excited to join the  Pilates teaching faculty, where she hopes to inspire a love of anatomy, movement and teaching.

Leslie Hopkins

Leslie’s passion is learning about, and teaching about the body.  She understands that studying anatomy can be daunting and brings with her extensive knowledge, a warmth, patience and, sense of humour, so that the information and exploration is more accessible to her students.  Since 2013, Leslie has been leading the Anatomy Lessons as part of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Toronto’s renowned Yoga Space.  Leslie has been studying rehabilitation since her undergraduate level and has continued through to the Masters level.  Her course work has focused on neurological, physical and cognitive rehabilitation.  A Yoga and Pilates teacher for many years, Leslie has continued to build on her knowledge with trainings in Pre/Post Natal Pilates, Post Rehabilitation Protocols, Gait Analysis and Yoga for Children with Special Needs to name a few.  Working at a physiotherapy clinic for over 7 years, she had the opportunity to hone her skills and develop her knowledge further in working with the human body and people with injuries and impairments. She has rehabilitation work experience in a neurological rehab hospital as well as working on an orthopedic floor with post-surgery patients. Leslie has spent time working alongside other healthcare specialist in a school for children with special needs, it was here that she was inspired to continue her pathway in the healthcare system to complete her Masters in Occupational Therapy. 

Leslie is a shameless and self professed anatomy nerd and is very excited to help people along their anatomy journey.

Michelle Fraser


Michelle is a pelvic health advocate and educator who works with persons of all genders experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction or interested in understanding the complexities of pelvic health.  She is on a mission to empower people in Canada and internationally to take charge of their pelvic health, which can often be a life changing experience for anyone who has suffered pelvic health dysfunction. 

In addition to being an orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist, Michelle is a certified yoga instructor, enriching her finely tuned treatment methods with yogic philosophy and the benefits of mindful movement.  Michelle's dedication to making pelvic health internationally accessible is furthered by her commitment to her own continuing education.  She's earned her Masters of Education at OISE, specializing in global health education, and has been involved with teaching physiotherapists pelvic health and advanced orthopaedic skills both in Canada and in Nicaragua. She is an associate instructor with Pelvic Health Solutions.

Michelle is an inspiring and highly engaging speaker who will forever change how you view pelvic health for yourself or anyone you might be coaching or treating.  

Nicky Poole


Nicky Poole, a mother of two originally from New Zealand, has been enmeshed in the study of yoga, since 1999. She founded the first yoga studio in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2004 and cultivated a unique community on the banks of the Saigon River until moving to Canada in 2009. Calling Toronto home, Nicky has established herself as a highly sought after teacher trainer, and pre and post natal specialist in the city.

Nicky created the 889 Living Yoga Program which she ran for five years. Nicky is now invited to share her knowledge through workshops and collaborations at various studios around the GTA  including Yoga Detour, Octopus Garden Yoga Centre, and Downward Dog Yoga. Nicky’s current movement based practice ranges from deep study in Kalarippayat – a martial art from South India, to Classical Ballet. Her yoga methodology draws from a variety of lineages, but her primary source of inspiration and connection for the past ten years is Prana Flow Yoga with her teacher Shiva Rea. Nicky continues to learn from Shiva as an assistant to her on retreats and trainings worldwide. Nicky draws on extensive study of Ayurveda to inform her teachings, and enhances her care and support for her students with her offerings as a Birth Doula and a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner.

Glenn Uy

Co-owner of Ossington Chiropractic, Dr. Glenn Paul Uy II graduated Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2005 and has been practicing as a chiropractor in the Toronto area for the past 12 years. He is a certified full-body ART® provider and is a registered Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario.

Dr. Glenn's focus lies in the treatment and prevention of physical injuries, integrating techniques such as Active Release Technique ® , acupuncture, spinal manipulation, and exericse rehabilitation. He uses functional movement assessments to find the root of the problem and address the underlying causes. He is able to relieve the symptoms but also help to prevent reoccurance. Dr. Glenn enjoys educating his patients about their physiology and movement patterns. 

Dr. Glenn has a special interest in working with dancers and athletes. He has years of experience treating CrossFit athletes, ballroom, contemporary and ballet dancers, cyclists, soccer players,  circus performers, Olympic lifters, and basketball players, just to name a few. 

Dr. Glenn began dancing Salsa in 2004 and has performed and competed in Canada, United States, and Europe for the past 10 years. When Dr. Glenn is not in the clinic or dancing, you can find him lifting weights, doing CrossFit, snowboarding, golfing, playing basketball, or spending time with his wife, son, and dog.


Danielle Dodham-Wright

Danielle is a passionate and dedicated student of movement.

 Her fascination with how the body moves began in the dance studio, where she spent 16 years training and teaching ballet and contemporary. She informs her mat and reformer practice with her dance background, blending technical knowledge with a joy for sequencing and flow. As a teacher, she asks for people to isolate and then integrate their muscles, to create strong bodies that are resilient and adaptable.

Danielle is certified anatomy and biomechanics specialist and has been teaching Pilates in Toronto for the better part of a decade. She is accredited as a Pilates instructor by both Body Harmonics on the mat and Stott Pilates on all equipment. Her private client bases’ needs range from athletics to rehabilitative and she currently works with scoliosis, knee and hip replacements, stenosis, sacroiliac joint issues and neurological dysfunction.

As a former professional writer, Danielle weaves her passion for language, imagery and themes into her teaching. Her objective is to make complex biomechanics clear, digestible and beautiful, so her clients can experience a true mind-body connection