MuseMovement comes to you!

One of our experienced instructors will come to your work place at a time that is right for you, your employees and co-workers.  Collectively engaging in an enjoyable and healthy mind-body practice creates a positive and productive work environment.   

Our contemporary approach to yoga, Pilates and functional movement is tried tested and true. The promise of these practices are:

  • Injury prevention and pain reduction
  • Better posture
  • Physical and mental endurance
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Stronger core and better balance
  • Stress reduction
  • A love and respect for the employer who brought movement to work

For more details, rates and bookings please email

Our staff have looked to Keri for over three years to alleviate work-related body pain and help build agility and proper posture. Our job as stylists require constant physical movement, which puts stress on our bodies and often wears us out by the day’s end. Since introducing a weekly class with Keri to our schedule, we have all felt a profound change in the way we feel, both in and outside of the hair salon. We have higher levels of flexibility,stamina, core strength and body-confidence. Keri’s enthusiasm for the art of movement and knowledgeable teaching style are perfect in a group-setting; she is patient and attune to each of our individual needs. As a teacher Keri able to target key areas of the body that make our jobs easier and more physically enjoyable. Not to mention she is incredibly fun. We have the best time in Keri’s classes!
— Emma and Alex , Owners The Cabinet Salon