I've figured out the muscular and movement stuff  (tho of course its always evolving) for my body, but food, my digestive system, hormones etc.. still baffle me.  Luckily Holistic Nutritionist and Food Guru, Andrea Sarjeant is a dear friend of mine and is always happy to give helpful  advice.  This gal just wants everyone to enjoy food and have happy healthy bellies; I'm not the only one that gets free consults.  In fact, next week she is offering a Free Spring Countdown Cleanse, which I will most definitely be partaking in. And you can too. All you have to do is sign up for her newsletter and she will send it out with instructions to your inbox. How awesome is that? And, even more awesome is, at MuseMovement we are offering a free mat class for everyday of the cleanse. In other words add movement to your free cleanse for free. All you have to do is come to class and tell us what was on the cleanse that day, set up your mat, move your body and have fun. And for a little further reading check out her interview with me about my journey into healthy living on her informative and enjoyable blog.

Happy Cleansing

Move. body, mind and heart!