We are kickin' it old school with this one.  We've taken a lot out of the classic repertoire in our modern pilates classroom but this one makes the cut! Why? Because it's awesome. Its safe, its challenging. it works your whole bod, abs abs abs, back, inner thighs, shoulder stabilisers, psoas, did we mention ABS.  And of course endurance. If You can do five of these babies back to back you can run pretty much run a marathon. And it feels so damn good when its done.  Don't worry we aren't gonna throw you into it right away. We want to set your bod up for success so there will be a lot of prep - read: abs abs abs- to get you into it.  Its one of those exercises that makes you feel the burn but also a lot of accomplishment. It's gonna make you stronger, taller and more even more kick ass than you already are!  It also looks really pretty as shown by our own Olivia Yung.  

Wanna know more. Come to class and we'll tease (pun so incredibly intended) this one out.