If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Leslie before then your life in incomplete.  She's basically the funniest weirdest gal around town who teaches a slow, sneaky, burny class and is Muse's biggest anatomy nerd- and we got a lot of anatomy nerds.  Leslie recently started a masters in Occupational Therapy, so when she's not teaching a kick ass Pilates class you can find her cadavering (her newest favourite activity), eating chips and studying. Here's a few other things you may not have known about her. 

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
Leslie was brought to you by the letter O. 
Born in Ottawa, grew up in Owen Sound.  

What is your favourite tv show?
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 

What song do you wish could be playing everytime you walked into a room?
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot (mostly wishful thinking) 

What moves you?
Music, wine, travelling, dogs, and especially the combination of all of those things together.  

Who/What is your Muse?
Chicks that slay. 

When were you happiest?
Cuddling in bed with people and animals that I love.  

What motivates you?
I've had the amazing opportunity of working on a therapy team at a pre-school for children with disabilities. The children I have worked with me are pure inspiration and motivation for me in my personal and academic life.  

What does your practice regime look like?
My practice is more sporadic than I'd like it to be. It looks like the "snack time" version of working out. I pop onto a Reformer machine for ten minutes before a class. Or I hop on my mat mid study break for 30 minutes. When I'm lucky to have the time I get to take a class at Muse and loooove when I make the time to do that.  

What is your favourite muscle?
I'm a hog so I'm picking two...the Obliques (external obliques and internal obliques). I love the way they feel when you're working out. I also love what they do for my spine when I rotate. 

If you could be something else what would it be?

Ocean or Lake?

Where is your favourite vacation spot?
Oliphant, Ontario. I was spoiled growing up minutes away from this beach. It's got an epic sunset.  
What is your spirit animal?

What is a ritual that you do?
I'm a life long learner, and anytime I take an exam I always spend a bit of that morning on my mat.

What brought you to movement?
My sister and I have been dancing since before we were in school, we danced a lot together. In high school my sister bought her first Pilates Video and we would follow along on her bedroom floor. I'm also happy to say we are both still dancing and doing Pilates (many, many years later). 

Whats you favourite snack?
Chips, Chocolate, Candy (so healthy).  

Whats your favourite meal?
Thai basil noodles.  

What is in your purse?
Granola bar crumbs, granola bars in their entirety. Old paper receipts that I'm "saving". Chapstick, sunglasses, wallet, and keys. A random dog poo bag, 'cuz you never know.  

Five Random Facts
1. I absolutely love making lists.
2. I have to set my alarm clock to a palindrome.
3.  I have had a giant tattoo covered up with an even more giant tattoo.
4. I love the smell of vanilla.
5. I have always been able to do the splits. 

If you can't change the situation, you can still change your reaction to it. 

Piece of Advice
If you feel like swearing do it, it feels fucking great.