Laura C is a lifelong mover and learner and we love that about her. A MuseMovement Pilates Mat trainee about to embark on her reformer training, you can catch her thoughtful and challenging community classes on Thursday’s at 4:45.

MM: What do you love about Pilates?

LC: My love for Pilates stems originally from a rehabilitative lens. It allows for the integrity of my spine while using my muscles and my mind ~ the physical expression of my mental being. I had the opportunity to be immersed in the Martha Graham technique in high school, and really connected with Pilates theory of movement. I find Contemporary Pilates both functional and beautiful.

MM: What other types of movement do you do?

LC: In my past I have participated in gymnastics, dance, field hockey, track and field, equestrian, skiing (snow and water), ice hockey, hiking, biking, roller blading, volleyball, Karate, weight training, curling!!

Currently I’m focusing on movement with less risk of physical trauma, lol, like Walking (I rarely drive), Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Pilates/Reformer. I’m trying to find the courage to bike downtown!!

My goal is to ‘age gracefully’.

MM:Why did you decide to do your mat training and now Reformer?

LC: I took a needed break from being a ‘movement professional’ after running my Personal Training company for over 9 years. After spending the past 5+ years in the Business Administration and Corporate Governance Fields, I felt there was a real gap and need to (re)learn and (re)connect to that part of myself and to that community.

MM: What makes you most excited about teaching Pilates?

LC: Sharing Movement!! The opportunity to connect with others thru movement in thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviours and actions!! Finding and expressing that ‘sparkle’ between mind and body.

MM: Why Muse Pilates?

LC: I feel lucky to have landed and connected with Muse after having moved out of a community north of the city to live downtown. The Queen West / Trinity Bellwood’s Neighbourhood and the Muse Community feels likes an empowering and centred place to go forward in my movement journey. 

MM:What are you listening to right now?

LC: So many things! Looking at my Spotify account, it seems my recent focus is on acoustic guitar based songs with strong female vocals…Rhye, Aisha Badru, i‘m With Her, Meadowlark, Mandolin Orange, Rosie Carney, Feist...

MM: Who or what is your Muse?

LC: I am and continue to be, deeply moved and inspired by women (and girls) speaking their truth; their courage to move us forward with integrity, empathy, perseverance and a powerful fortitude.