" By harnessing pure & potent essential oils on a daily basis, you can change the state of your health and that of your family. " 


Im Kelsey and Im stoked to be partnering with MuseMovement Studio to bring you another Intro to Essential Oils Workshop this Wednesday March 28th at 7:30pm. 

Have you ever thought about how much better you could feel in your own body? Perhaps you've thought about incorporating essential oils into your health care game plan?

Whether you've crushed peppermint leaves to make a mojito, have driven by a field of lavender, or squeeze fresh lemon into your water — you’ve experienced the powerful effects of essential oils and you may not have even known it!

Essential oils are pure aromatic compounds that come from plant matter. They are 100% natural (as opposed to synthetically created fragrance), and when the plants are grown in their natural habit, essential oils are very powerful and therapeutic.

As a holistic health coach & nutritionist, I’ve been using them in my life for many years to assist with a variety of ailments. Everything from sleep, stress, post workout recovery, detoxification, air purification, immune support and so much more.

Because of the benefits I've experienced in my own life, and by sharing them with others. I really LOVE these workshops that I get to teach both in-person and online that show you how to easily incorporate essentials oils into your life.

In addition to chatting about oils, there will also be time to ask questions and get practical advice on whatever ailment you're currently struggling with.

Hope to see you there!

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