Meet Alexa, a vixen with a heart of gold and the soul of a Unicorn.  Alexa started coming to Muse about a year ago when she saw our sandwich board while wondering around Artscape Youngplace. She immediately became a regular fixture in mat classes and in our hearts.  This gal travels all the way from the Junction Triangle to hit up Muse classes because "I just love being here."  What she loves about Pilates is that "Its more about feeling good and going at your own pace than it is about rushing though the workout to get it over with." It just works." 

Alexa says her Muse is Keri which is the most flattering but we think she must have a lot of them cause this is one creative gal.  We love seeing what Alexa, a kick- ass Stylist, changes into after class and her outfits often spark a group conversation which usually ends in us reminiscing on 1970's fashion and Girl Power. 

Alexa will always move her mat for fellow Muses to make room for them and loves chatting to newbies and making them feel like a welcome member of our community. If your mat is next to Alexa's you'll hear her giggle in class when a sequence or exercise gets particularly challenging. Her favourite thing to do in class: "I love a good quadruped position, small pulse butt kicks- doggy style!"  The exercise she loves to hate: "Anything triceps."

Guess what we'll be working next time you're in a class with Alexa?