Ok WTF is fascia? You probably hear us talk about it all the time and might not be surprised that we get super nerdy and excited when we talk about it amongst ourselves. Keri has even taken a course that involved watching six hours of cadaver videos of the dissection of the stuff.  But Danielle is our resident expert on the elusive and beautiful stuff that is fascia. 

Fascia is connective tissue. It is the fat under your skin, it is the slimy, fllmy lubricating material between in and around joints, muscles, tendons ligaments. It is a protective layer separating your organs. It helps you stabilise, mobilise, breathe, move, function.  It's so difficult to describe as there are different types and a multitude of layers of it throughout your body and its kind of like trying to describe a snowflake or a spider web.  But if any one can do it its Daniele. 

And she will on May 5 from 2-4 in our Workshop: Unravelling Fascia.  

Fascia like muscles need to be worked and stretched and lubricated and loved.  Among a million other things this is why Pilates is so amazing because the practice considers the whole body- down to the connective sheaths, layers and intricate webs of fascia.  In Unravelling Fascia you will do just that. Danielle will break it down intellectually, metaphorically and visually so you can apply it to your practice to take it to a whole other layer- literally.  She will then guide you through a fascia focused class that will have you feeling strong and supple and deeply in and connected to your body with a spring in your step!

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