Meet this weeks Muse, Blonde Beauty Kristen C. 


An account manager at Yelp, Kristen travels for her Pilates, from Davenport down to Dundas. "Its a little north but I like having a backyard." Fair K.C, so fair. And we love that she comes and moves with us at least three times a week and brings her quiet but sunny disposition. 

She didn't know what they were three months ago (about when she started coming to MuseMovement) but now her hip flexors are her fave body part to work. "I realise the effect they have on the rest of my body," Kristen says.  We see she's been paying attention.  

MM: What do you love about pilates?

KC:  I love feeling stronger, and more toned. But what I really found I loved was learning about the human anatomy - how it all connects and why you're body acts a certain way. The teachers  all really know their stuff!

MM: Fave Pilates move?

KC: Side planks. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s the move that I most notice the strength I’ve build since starting Pilates. 

MM: Move you love to hate?

KC: Teaser. It hurts so good. 

MM: Who or what is your muse?

KC: Keri’s butt

MM: Whats a song that inspires you ?

KC: Andy Shauf - You’re Out Wasting (MM- Look out for it on a Muse Playlist coming your way)

MM: Whats your fave class ?

KC:  Strength & Stretch at the end of the work week.