If you haven't met Alan P., then you have not been coming to the studio. A fixture at the Muse, often taking two classes a day, Alan is the guy you hear whistling down the hall or sometime even along in class.  We enjoy his humour and his dedication to not only to working his body but to learning about it and how it functions. 

MM:  Why Pilates?

AP:  It’s the straw that stirs the drink. The perfect compliment to strength training or running it just makes everything easier. Even just walking around I feel stronger and more balanced. 

MM: Why MuseMovement?

AP: Too many reasons to mention. The secretly mean teachers.  The energy. The space. The community. The playlists. The jokes. 

MM: Fave exercise?

AP: Plank for days yo. 

MM: Exercise you love to hate?

AP: Keri’s Obleek Week was pretty rough. And anytime I hear the words reverse those circles!

MM: When is a time you were truly inspired?

AP: Anyone seen phish at red rocks or the gorge? 

MM: Fave class?

AP: Pilates Strength aka Aerobilates. The community classes with the rotating cast of new muses are also pretty dope. 

MM: Whose your Muse?

AP: My dog, Rider. His side plank needs work but his downward dog is on point. 

MM: Whose funnier: Keri or Leslie?

AP: Amanda

MM: Song that inspires you?

AP: Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers Band