This week we'd like you to meet Meg S.  Its pretty apparent from her interview answers why she's an inspiration to us. 


MM: What part of Toronto do you live in?

MS: I live at Bathurst and Dundas in a ramshackle row-house with two wonderful friends, a very controlling cat and a cherry tree in the backyard. 

MM: What do you love about TO and your neighbourhood in general?

MS: I feel like there are so many opportunities here, like this city makes it possible to live many different lives. I also love how people, ideas and projects from all over the world converge in Toronto--I like the results and I feel honoured to participate in the mashup;) Also, in spring and summer at least, there are beautiful men everywhere. I like that part very much. 

MM: How often do you practice? Do you do any other activities?

MS: Usually twice a week. I also do Tai chi and dance samba, and I bike all over Toronto (I love me some calculated risk).

MM: What do you love about Pilates

MS: Ohhh, it makes all other movement smoother and easier. When I'm doing Pilates regularly, I walk, stand, cycle, dance and just generally do everything with greater ease. I especially love all of the work we do with our hips, thighs and glutes, and also with the shoulder girdle. 

MM: What have you learnt about your body through Pilates

MS: When I am strong, coordinated and supple in my hips and pelvis, I feel like I can do anything. It's my powerhouse area. I never knew before how connected this part of my body is to my sense of pleasure, agency and strength in the world. 

MM: Who or what is you Muse?

MS: I work with people who have experienced violence, and their commitment to re-finding pleasure, safety and joy in their bodies blows me away. My survivor ladies are my muse! :)

MM: What s a big ft hairy dream of yours?

MS: I want a world where girls and young women grow up sure of their worth and in touch with their desires, boundaries, dreams and inherent right to be here/kick ass. Step by step, we're getting there! 

Couldn't have said it better girlfriend. 



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