Erica B, is a Muse OG. She's been delighting us with her presence in classes since April 15' and we couldn't be more grateful. Beatson, as she is affectionately referred to by Keri, appreciates our -ahem- unorthodox sense of humour and despite looking and being the sweetest is a bit of a devil. We have loved watching her grow from a hard working student to hard working professional who helps people as a therapist who practices from a feminist, trauma-informed lens in her work with clients.

MM: How does Pilates Help you in your daily life and or with work?

EB: As a therapist, I believe the body provides us with so much valuable information about our past experiences, feelings, and how we relate to others. Pilates allows me to feel centred, grounded, and mindful when I approach my work with clients. In turn, I encourage clients to notice their own relationships to their bodies and to feel supported in this process. 

MM: What's your fave class?

EB: Pilates Flow

MM: Move you love to hate?

EB: Half rollback - my hip flexors are really cranky but I also feel that this move strengthens my lower abs so my hip flexors can learn to back off. 

MM: Fave summer activity?

EB: Jumping off the dock into the lake!

MM: Pilates goals?

EB: I like to notice what shifts week-to-week; ultimately I would say my goal every class is to complete a whole class without dropping the weighted balls. 

MM: Who or what is your muse?

EB: My dear friends! They are driven, compassionate, and brilliant! They are a constant source of support and I am so grateful for each of them! 

MM: What are you listening to right now - song that inspires?

EB: June from the new Florence and the Machine album.