MuseMovement Studio offers an experience that helps you unplug from your life and tune into your body. 

Move Your Body
Offering group classes and private instruction, MuseMovement specializes in an informed and contemporary approach to  Pilates, yoga and, functional fitness that is relevant to your urban lifestyle and all its demands.  Taught by passionate and experienced teachers, Muses' all level classes are challenging and dynamic and provide you with a full body workout that helps you find deep strength and balance.   You will leave the studio taller, more grounded and connected to core. Our unique Method perfectly combines functional movement, strength, alignment and stability work with flow. Through creative yet methodical sequencing of exercises and, mindful cueing we help build your body up for success so that you feel the difference and intuitively understand the magic of movement.

Move Your Mind
Body awareness leads to empowerment and grace. Precise and focused movements help to integrate your body and brain which leads to better balance and co-ordination on and off the mat. Learning to breathe and move mindfully can change your thought patterns allowing you take on life’s challenges clearly, and with more resilience. 

Move Your Heart
Movement is our Muse. Getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing is key to better health and is both invigorating and inspiring. A strong and healthy body helps build a confident and open heart and promotes a more fulfilled and creative life. The Muse community is warm, encouraging, and supportive – a great place to get moving and start to change your life

At MuseMovement we offer a full experience.  Our playlists are legendary and humour is a key component of all that we do.  We create an atmosphere that is fun, safe and inclusive so that when you get on the mat or reformer you can relax and get lost in movement.