Keri and Muse give me body and life affirming activities in my busy days. I come for the extremely well articulated cueing of the movements, and I come for the music and the fun loving energy in the room. Thank you for being my exercise oasis of chill!


Pilates is my favourite workout option for de-stressing while also gaining strength and flexibility. The MuseMovement space is so beautiful and the instructors are very helpful and attentive. The pilates classes offer a great balance of challenge and rejuvenation. Thanks, MuseMovement!


The space provides such a warm and fun atmosphere to practice in. All the teachers brought different qualities to their classes with great integrity. Every time I attended a class it felt like an act of self care instead of simply a work out. I loved the free bday class! It was truly a gift. I also loved the music!


"I loved my first class at Muse and hope to do a bunch more. The vibe was so welcoming and warm, and the class was challenging without being exclusive or focusing too much on extreme flexibility. Keri is an amazing, vibrant and friendly teacher and I feel like she genuinely wants the people in the room to develop their practice. It's such a calm space and I have since recommended Muse to friends. Thanks for a great and empowering yoga experience!"


There are so few chances in the city to slow down and ground yourself. Pilates and yoga allow me the time and space to do just that. I always come out of class feeling lighter, more relaxed and more at ease in my body. The physical principles of those practices help my posture, balance, flexibility and core strength. Yoga and pilates have become integral to my physical and mental wellbeing. 

MuseMovement studio is a spectacular space. The studio is bright, spacious and welcoming. There are a variety of classes and the instructors are friendly, knowledgable and creative. MuseMovement is a unique and fun place to practice that I would definitely recommend. 


I really enjoy going to the Pilates classes at MuseMovement. The space is very warm and inviting. It has large windows and is bright and airy. It's a calm space and I am always greeted with a smile. The teachers are wonderful and come around to make adjustments for proper alignment. I'm looking forward to trying their Reformer machines. MuseMovement easily became a regular addition to my workout routine.