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All classes are open to all levels. Our experienced instructors are flexible and accommodating and can tailor to everyone’s needs and ability. Sequencing is intelligent,  consciously preparing your body for each exercise so you feel strong and successful. Class sizes are small so that you get lots of attention from your instructor if desired.


Muse’s signature class. This lyrical work out will get your blood flowing, your core singing and your joints mobilizing through intelligent and thoughtful design. Dynamic, high rep exercises are carefully sequenced so that you move gracefully and fluidly through each transition. Get lost in the marriage of flow and breath work and allow your body, heart and mind to find connection.

Strong is the new sexy. Expect to find longer holds and a heavier load that will recruit muscles you didn't even know you had. Each class offers a creative series of full body workouts that will call on you to acces your inner strength and will leave you feeling physically and mentally fit.

Find connection to the deep roots of your body. Move with intention and attention to detail. Maintaining fluidit but take things a litle bit slower. Pilates Deep is a full body workout that demands precision and engagement of deep stabilizing muscles. Focus on breath and control to feel yourself grounded and balanced and strong on and off the mat.


A low impact, high intensity Pilates inspired Barre class. Find deep stability and balance with the assistance of the barre, to ultimately find greater range and mobility through the joints. Small precise movements mixed with dynamic full body expressions.

Welcome back to your mat. We know it can be hard to reconnect with your movement practice so we invite you and your babe to join new mama Betsy Gray for a fun and challenging 55 minutes that will leave your core feeling stronger and your bod feeling more awake! Find your movement groove and connect to a brand new community in a safe and inclusive environment that welcomes all new parents and babes to the mat.

Private classes with one of our highly skilled instructors is a great way to work on your specific needs and goals; whether it be prehab, rehab, post baby, postural concerns or getting fit we got your back.

Our Reformer workouts are as dynamic and versatile as the machines themselves. The reformer adds spring tension to exercises so that muscles are challenged and joints get stronger. Reformer provides a balanced workout that increases endurance and energy and leaves you feeling lengthened, strengthened and relaxed.

A shorter reformer class that packs the same punch. Get on your carriage and blast off as we get to the meat of the class a little faster with a bit more intensity. Expect full body fun in this class.

A reduced rate class with a highly rated workout. Muse Teacher Trainees display their understanding of the Muse Method by creating intelligent classes designed to strengthen, lengthen, stabilize and challenge your body.



So many wonderful classes to choose from. Check out our schedule to book into a class by clicking the link below!